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Combat Archery Authorization Self-Test

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This self-test will help you prepare for your combat archery authorization.

The authorization for combat archery is made up of three parts.

The primary authorizing marshal (or designated representative) needs to be satisfied that the authorizee has a basic knowledge of the CA rules. This is demonstrated by answering questions derived from the Society/Midrealm rules for combat archery.

This may be in the form of a multiple choice written test or a verbal test in which you are read the question and you need to give the answer. The questions being asked are considered core questions that anyone authorizing in Combat Archery should know.

The following is a list of questions that the test will be made from. Read the questions carefully and then pick the best answer. The questions are based on current Society as well as Midrealm rules. If you score less than 80 percent you might need to do some more studying.

By studying and taking this online self study refresher test, you increase your chances of doing better during your question and answer part of your authorization.

Pass rate:80 %
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