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Fiberglass Shafted Ammunition Construction Standards

Strapping tape is a heavy duty filament-reinforced tape, usually used for shipping. 

The adhesive (glue) must be plumbing GOOP or Marine GOOP.  Check the Tutorial on Making Fiberglass Ammunition for recent updates and details on this and on how to prepare the fiberglass shaft and the APD before construction. 

NOTE- See the Tutorial on making Fiberglass Ammunition for PHOTOS of the following steps. 

The Asgard APD must have a small (1/16 inch) hole drilled in the side of the shaft hole (near the bottom) to allow excess air and glue to escape. 

Asgard APDs have only the following modifications allowed: Cutting the nock off flush for use on a crossbow, making small holes for helping attachment, and roughing surfaces for gluing.  (Soc)

The shaft must be inserted all the way to the end of the hole in the head and the APD. 

The Asgard APD must be securely glued to the shaft. 

After the shaft has been inserted into the head and APD, a single piece of filament-reinforced strapping tape must be used to cover the shaft from the back of the head to the front of the APD.  It must run lengthwise on the shaft. 

After taping the shaft, the head must be secured to the shaft with tape:

  1. A piece of ¾ inch wide red electrical tape, first wrapping around the shaft, then spiraling onto the base of the head.  Then-
  2. Two pieces of at least 3/8 inch wide strapping tape OR ¾ inch wide red electrical tape crossed over the tip in an X and extending down the shaft at least ¾ inch.  (Strapping or electrical tape, not one on top of the other!) Then-
  3. A wrap of ¾ inch wide red electrical tape around the junction of the base of the head and the shaft.