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Required Tools for Combat Archery Inspection

The official rules on required CA Marshal's Inspection Gear can be found in Appendix B of the Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Handbook - CA Marshal Inspection Tools (PDF)


Three ring binder or digital device containing -

  •   A copy of the most recent  Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Handbook.
  •   A copy of the most recent Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook. 
  •   A copy of the authorization test questions and answers. 
  •   NOTE- These items must be in a digital format that can be viewed without an internet connection.  


Bow Scale

There are presently three main manufacturers of bow scales.  Out of the three the Tru-Weight Bow Scale from Feather River Sports is a much better scale. This is because of the Non-Slip Hook design that helps hold the arrow to the string while testing the poundage.  The other two types of scale needed modifying to allow a fatter bow string to go into the hook. 

During the training session, examples will be shown of each of the three models to help you make up your mind. 

Presently this scale may be purchased during class for  $ 24.  Feel free to check online to verify that this is a very good price. 

If you've never used a bow scale or want more info on how they work, check out these Bow Scale Instructions (PDF)



Bow Draw Length Gauge

This gauge is nothing more than a 32-inch long shaft (wood or fiberglass) with an arrow nock on one end and a combat archery blunt (Baldar style recommended) on the other.

The last two training sessions have made the suggestion that this Draw Length Gauge be made available during class for purchase. 

So, Presently this scale may be purchased during class for  $ 4.  This covers the material cost (shaft, nock and head) for the finished gauge.

On this shaft you will mark two lengths with tape. One is for 26 inches and the other is 28 inches.  These measurements are from where the string goes into the knock down the shaft towards the head. 



Tip Diameter Gauge 

I will give this gauge out "Free" to those attending my training class.  Lord Edward of Thorn made several dozen tip gauges so that I could give them out to everyone attending my training class.

This gauge is nothing more than a 1 ½ inch hole in something.  The one pictured below does just that.  This gauge checks the heads on combat archery ammo to insure that it doesn’t go through the hole. 

This pocket gauge is my design and free to copy it as long as you don’t make money on it other that material cost. 


Tape Measure

I will give out "Free" to those attending my training class a key chain tape measure.

The tape measure is necessary for determining the inch pounds of a crossbow to verify what type of ammo may be shot out of it and to insure it meets Society minimum poundage for a crossbow and to insure it does not exceed the maximum poundage allowed. 


If you a combat archery marshal and you are authorized in combat archery, you will also need these additional things when authorizing people in Combat Archery:

Heavy Weapons Marshal's Tabard

Eye Protection

Marshal's Staff