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Erik Erikson the Scout

Mundane Name: 
Ernie Husted, Jr.
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Phone Number: 
(937) 322-7548

I was born on the Island of Gotland. You would probably call me a "Northman", while others would call me a "Dane" or "Pagan". I was not the eldest son so I had to make my future by my own hand, counting on luck provided by the Gods. I considered becoming a trader and merchant or perhaps signing on for a voyage and colonizing a new land. The problem was that I did not have the necessary funds to start, and it seemed like a lot of work. I found my future in my ability to use weapons and zeal for combat. I made and lost my fortune several times on campaigns and raids and enjoyed the adventure.

SCA Interests: 

Master Erik Erikson the Scout is a Master in the Order of the Pelican. He founded the office of combat missile weapons for the Middle Kingdom, and the Shadow Dancer scouting program. He was the founding Seneschal for the Marche of Havenholde and instrumental in the founding the Baronesses' Archery Guard. Warranted marshal for the disciplines of archery, heavy weapons and rapier. Mentor Chirurgeon. I enjoy working in the development and testing of combat archery equipment and melee tactics, plus I also enjoy target archery. I am presently holding the position of Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery for the Middle Kingdom (isn't that a mouthful?)