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Eoin Drake

Mundane Name: 
Rob "Drake" Schneider
Phone Number: 
(937) 510-5853

Eoin Drake is a late 16th century Highland Scot who shoots archery for sport and hunt. At 15, after showing much initiative and (surprising) skill, I bought my way out of an unhappy apprenticeship and, for a number of years, traveled the countryside as a cobbler/tinker for hire. Most of my spare time is devoted to the pursuit of Leatherworking in its other many forms. Including the fashioning of pouches, mugs, sheathes, Sporrans, whips, quivers, vanbraces, and decorative tooling. I discovered, not long ago, that I enjoy getting others interested in learning the craft I hold so dear. My hope is to one day found an artisan leather guild. I enjoy a healthy interest in the arts, as well as being a modest singer of "Tavern Tunes". I also have a passion for the culinary arts, both in their creation and their demise. I mostly enjoy experimenting with stews, baking, and desserts in general.