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Lady Juliette Colleen Rossignol

Mundane Name: 
Julie K Mattes
Device Image: 

1320 - Born in Germany. Father a carpenter and a merchant; mother a seamstress, also a merchant. My siblings and I did our part to work with them. I don't recall much of my youth but I remember when we moved to Bulgaria. I play chess well, the opponents I've played, often loss the game. I've taught many, some well educated, how to better play it. In return, they pay the fee with money or taught me how to read and write. I'm now a widow and my children are grown. My life has been well blessed, but it would be better if Tsar Ivan Alexander would cease to raising taxes.

SCA Interests: 

With some physical limitations, there are many things I am interested in, but I am unable, and shall continue to be unable, to participate in them to a certain extent ie. medieval dancing, or not at all. I like medieval board games with Chess and Goose being my favorites. Medieval doll making is what I am able to work on.....most of the time. I am also into the alternative healing and prevention of herbs and spices.