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Celia Le Fleur

Mundane Name: 
Erica Harrah

Ward of the household of Raven Celia Le Fleur was unceremoniously sold in faux marriage to the wayward Knight Templar John the Black. The events that followed colored her life in shades unknown to most ladies of her time. Following the slaying and subsequent sainthood of her faux lord she found herself penniless. Deciding to turn tragedy into profit she petitioned the Vatican under the name Cecil Fleur to become a purveyor of religious relics. On a pilgrimage to Rome she met up with a band of folks of the most disreputable sort. Actors. A wildly experimental lot, this thoroughly scandalous group of artisans dared to push the limits of societal mores. They actually had women playing the female roles. As she was already a man on paper Cecil/Celia felt it would be no problem to play a woman on stage.

SCA Interests: 

Commedia del Arte (both acting and writing scenarios) poetry, singing, cooking