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Leif Viggaskald

Mundane Name: 
Rance Ray Clark

Leif was born in 1048 CE to a banished noble Daneman in Borre, the Oslo Fjord area. During his youth he worked on the arts of fighting and was trained with the skills a man needs to run a household. At the age of 16 Leif struck out on his own to explore the world, gain experience and better his skills. In 1066 CE Leif followed his cousin Gunnar Red Boar to fight alongside King Harald Hardradi. He fought in the Battle of Stanford Bridge in 1066 CE but was defeated and fled to the Isle of the Orkneys. While in the Orkneys, Leif met a woman who stole his heart. In 1067 CE Leif was wed to Birna of the Orkneys and left for Byzantium shortly after in search of a way to better their life together. In 1069 CE Leif joined the Varangian Guard and served well until the year 1075 CE. In 1075 CE Leif heard great tales of a noble Turkish man and left the Varangian Guard in search of him. Leif joined the house of Svr Ustad `the Dreaded` Hasan al Hajjii so as to better himself as a warrior and a nobleman under this Turkishman's tutelage. To be continued...