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Birna of Orkney

Mundane Name: 
Sheryl Lynn Eldridge-Clark

Born in the winter of 1050 CE to the second wife, a christian lady from the Orkney Isles, of a heathen Nobleman who had land holdings in Reykjavik, Iceland along with an established trading, or raiding, merchant business. Shortly after birth Birna's mother passes away and is left in the hands of a wetnurse in her father's household. She is the only daughter in a family with five older boys from the her father's first marriage. In the spring of 1056 CE, when Birna was 5yrs of age, her father was killed during a trip abroad. Her eldest brother, having just wed, took over the household and appropriated land holdings for all of the brothers. Birna, being too young, is sent to foster with her mother's kin in the Orkneys. In the Orkney's, Birna is blessed to be sent to foster in a christian Nobleman's household, her mother's brother, with her four male cousins and one female cousin. She, being a bit strong headed at times, is permitted to learn many of the same things her male cousins were taught, reading and writing for example, and passively taught the skills of a lady by the female servants of the house and the Lady of the house. In 1066 CE, Birna meets a worthy man who she is immediately smitten for. Her family, glad to find a man for her, weds her to Leif Viggaskaldr in 1067CE and shortly after leaves for Byzantium. From that point on, Birna devotedly follows her husband in his search for self betterment. During his work as a Varangian Guard from 1067 CE to 1075 CE, Birna relaxes into the role of the Lady of a household and allows herself to work on her scribal arts that she truly loves. In 1075 CE, her husband, Leif, searches out a man of many great tales whom he chooses to ask tutelage of and is welcomed as one of the "kin" in the household of Svr Ustad `the Dreaded` Hasan al Hajjii.