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Baronial Practices (Royal Round)

Royal Round Shooting Site Locations.

Marche of Havenholde Practice  (Old Town, Ohio)

Barony of the Flaming Gryphon  Practice  (Old Town, Ohio)

Marche of Havenholde Practice:

(Oldtown, OH

Along with Royal Round season, qualifications for Flaming Gryphon baronial archery guard have also started. A baronial archer only needs to shoot one royal round score of forty or higher before the last weekend of July in order to qualify. 

Information on the Royal Round can be found here:
Since the Royal Round and the IKAC can be run simultaneously, we may also run the IKAC if there is interest. You can read about the IKAC here: 

When: Practice dates and times sent out by email on the Ermine Spot mailing list.


Where: 1628 U.S. Route 68 North, Oldtown, OH.  This is the home of Bruce Banzhof (Alan of Caerlaverock)  & Linda Banzhof (Dorinda Scorpione).  The range is set up in their back yard.  Parking is right across the street from their house in the Xenia Township offices.  The range is across the street from the Xenia Township Fire Department which is on Brush Row Rd. 

For Questions, contact Master Erik Erikson by email 

Contact Master Erikson ahead of time if loaner gear is needed.  (937) 974-2634

Cell phone reception is spotty on the range.  
It is suggested you bring a hat and sunglasses (depends when you will show up) and a chair to set in.  
Insect repellant is always a good thing to have also.

    (Note) There is almost always at least one warranted archery marshal present so besides practice you can shoot the "Royal Round" and be credited with your score.


    Barony of the Flaming Gryphon  Practice:

    (Oldtown, OH)

    When: Practice dates and times sent out by email on the Ermine Spot mailing list.

    Where: District 5 Wildlife Preserve, which is located off of 68 as shown on this map:

    For those who have been to Alan and Dorinda's house, the intersection of 68 and Old Springfield Pike shown on the map is not far south of there. There are stone pillars and a sign reading District 5 Wildife at the road you want to turn onto. Continue along it and you'll see an archery range on your left. The range is free. Extra arrows will be available.

    For Questions, contact Lady Bertrande Fresneau by email