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Earning a Place on the Baronial Archery Guard

You can earn a place and be among those on The Baronial Archery Guard.

A fair score will be used to determine membership in the Baronial Archery Guard and will not be changed from year to year. It was felt that more people might practice and earn a spot on the Baronial Archery Guard if the standards didn't change.

The current Middle Kingdom Royal Round scoring/rating system is the basis for this score. The rank of Yeoman is a score of 40 to 59.99 shot on the Royal Round. The ranking title of Yeoman seems to be a somewhat average point for the Kingdom rating system. If you shoot the Royal Round three times in a season you can also earn a Kingdom rating in archery. Check out the Royal Round Site if you have any questions about this shoot.

So, now that you know the score needed is 40 or better, when must you shoot this score?

You must shoot an official Royal Round Score of 40 or better at ANY scheduled practice or event from April 16 to the last day of the last weekend in July.  If you are a member of the Barony or consider yourself a part of the Barony your score counts towards becoming a part of the Baronial Archery Guard.

So, here is what you need to do if you are interested in being on the Archery Guard. You must shoot a score of at least 40 points on a Royal Round at an official practice or event from May 1st. to the last day of the last weekend in July.   Check the current times and sites for practices in the Barony.

If you shoot the appropriate score within the proper time period and want to be considered for the Archery Guard, you must make contact in writing (e-mail is fine) expressing this desire to the Baronial Archery Captain. In your written request you need to make sure you include your SCA and mundane name, practice / event where shooting took place, final score and warranted archery marshal present along with request to be on the Baronial Archery Guard.

When I receive your request with the proper information I will post on the Baronial Archery Site that you have achieved the honor of earning a place on the Baronial Archery Guard for the current season. This runs from this upcoming Push for Pennsic to the next Push for Pennsic.

You won't become official until presented a token of recognition for being a member of the Baronial Archery Guard.  Presently these are laminated cards showing the current shooting season. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and check out the Baronial Archery Site

Master Erik Erikson the Scout

Warranted Archery Marshal/Member of the Greenwood Company

e-mail me