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Competing to Become a Baronial Champion

More exciting news about the Baronial Archery Championship. From this day forward there will be two archery champions representing our Great Barony.

One archery champion must win the Baronial Champions contest with a bow while the other must win with a crossbow. No matter which you shoot you will only be in competition with someone shooting the same thing. A bow and crossbow each have their strengths and weaknesses. Having separate categories gives everyone the same chance to compete. The two champions will share Baronial Court duties. We presently have two champions and this would be just continuing the practice.

The biggest change is the fact that the competition for the Baronial Archery Champion and to become a member of the Baronial Archery Guard will no longer be done at the same event of time. The shoot for the Baronial Archery Champion will be at Harvest Day and you must be present at the event to compete. To earn a place on the Baronial Archery Guard you must shoot an official Royal Round Score of 40 or better at ANY scheduled practice or event from May 1st to the last day of the last weekend in July.

The competition for the new Baronial Archery Champions will be run by current Baronial Archery Champions with the Baronial Archery Captain at Harvest Day. A list has been compiled of different shoots that mirror the skills used in the Kingdom Archery Champion shoot at Pennsic. The current Baronial Archery Champions will choose from this selection the different shoots to find their replacements. The different shoots will be based more on basic skill rather than blind luck and chance.

The above changes were approved from suggestions given by the current and past Archery Champions and members of the Archery Guard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Master Erik Erikson the Scout
Baronial Archery Captain