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Royal Round (April 16 - October 31)

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The Royal Round archery competition, called the Royal Round, is traditionally shot from the first part of May through the end of October. Equipment standards are those legal for the Middle Kingdom.

Shooting for the Royal Round takes place at 20, 30 & 40 yards, and may take place at any event, practice, or get-together where a warranted Middle Kingdom archery marshal is present to score it.

You will be shooting at a 60 cm color target. You score 5 points for the center (gold) then 4, 3, 2, 1, as you go outward.

The Royal Round involves shooting:

  • 6 arrows at 20 yards no time limit
  • 6 arrows at 30 yards no time limit
  • 6 arrows at 40 yards no time limit
  • As many arrows as you can shoot at 20 yards in 30 seconds

    20 yard round: The 20 yard round will consist of two stages.

    One stage will consists of shooting 6 arrows, untimed at a 60 cm target.

    Speed Round: You will shoot as many arrows as you can in 30 seconds at the 60cm from 20 yards.

    30 yard round: You will shoot 6 arrows, untimed at a 60 cm target from 30 yards.

    40 yard round: You will shoot 6 arrows, untimed at a 60 cm target from 40 yards.


    1.Royal Rounds must be witnessed by a warranted Archery Marshal (self-witnessed does not count.)

    2.You may shoot more than one score per day, but only one will count.

    3.Your score is based on the average of your 3 highest scores in one year.

    4.You must turn in at least 3 Royal Rounds within the past year in order to appear on this list.

    5.You may shoot scores from different bow types and have more than one average. If you do, PLEASE designate bow type.

    If you shoot and turn in three Royal Round scores in a year you will be added to the Midrealm Archers Rankings. Depending upon your score you may become a :

    Bowman - 20 to 39.99 points

    Yeoman - 40 to 59.99 points

    Markman - 60 to 79.99 points

    Woodsman - 80 to 89.99 points

    Bowmaster - 90 to 104.99 points

    Dragon - 105

    Each level has a very nice and distinctive badge.

    Important Information

    You must turn in at least 3 Royal Rounds within the past year in order to appear on the Midrealm Archer Rankings list.

    Once you achieve a ranking, you keep that rank until you move to the next ranking. But, you should continue shooting and turning in scores in order to keep that rank active.

    Archers with no current scores will stay on the list for two years, after that they are considered inactive and will be deleted from the list.

    You may shoot as many Royal Rounds per day as you wish, but only one will count (the highest). All Royal Rounds must be shot in the presence of an Archery Marshal.

    Scores may be e-mailed to Baniarla Aibhiln n Dhomhnaill (Debby Inman) at Rankings will be posted on the Web, so keep an eye out for it.

    Please include mundane names as well as SCA name, bow type, and group with your scores. They must have mundane names in order to enter archers into the database and to enter scores.

    Please submit the following with your scores:

      SCA Name

      Mundane Name

      Bow Type

      Address, Phone (recommended, not required - again, tracking)

      Score breakdown (20, 30, 40, speed/arrows)

      Group (no households - we need to be able to track you down if you qualify for the Pennsic Champions team)