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Winter Round ((November 1 - April 15th)

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The winter archery competition called the Winter round is shot from November 1 through April 30 throughout the Know World. You must have your final score in by May 15, 2003 for it to count. Equipment standards are as per SCA legal for your kingdom. There is no traditional equipment bonus or requirement.

All shooting for the Winter Round is at 20 yards, and may take place at any event, practice, or get-together where a warranted SCA archery marshal (or your Kingdom's equivalent) is present to score it.

You will be shooting at three different types of targets during the contest: the target, the bulls eye's, and the wand. Descriptions of the targets are below.

Target Round - It consists of shooting 6 arrows, untimed at a 40 cm (16 inch) target. You will do this twice (2 ends). This round is intended to help maintain accuracy over the winter months.

Target description for the Target Round: 40cm (16 inch) target with 5 colors (normally). You score 5 points for the center (gold) then 4, 3, 2, 1, as you go outward. (View Target)

Speed Round - You will shoot as many arrows as you can in 30 seconds at the same 40cm. target you used for the Target Round. You will do this twice (2 ends).

Now, there is a little difference in this round in how you score. Like before you score 5 points for the center (gold) then 4, 3, 2, 1, as you go outward. Then, archers who do not manage to shoot off 6 arrows in 30 seconds will gain bonus points for arrows unshot up to 6 arrows. To determine the number of bonus points, subtract the number of arrows shot from 6 for each end and add that number to the actual score of the arrows that hit the target. Example: you shoot 4 arrows, you get 2 bonus points. If the archer has not managed to hit the target at least once in the entire round of two ends, then no bonus points are added. You must shoot and score with one arrow during each end. When scoring, please show real score + bonus points, example: 12+2 You scored 12 points with four arrows you shot and you get 2 bonus points for the 2 that you didn't shoot. All speed rounds are intended to help archers practice speed shooting with accuracy.

Wand Round - It consists of shooting 6 arrows, untimed at the wand target. You will do this twice (2 ends). (View Target)

Target description for the Wand Round: The target is 3 feet long and 6 inches wide, consisting of a central strip of one color two inches wide, flanked on either side by strips of a differing tint/color two inches wide. (hint: a standard strip of duct tape is 2 inches wide); each band is equal in width (2 inches). Each arrow within or touching the central strip scores five points. Each arrow outside the central area but within or touching either of the two outer bands scores three points. This round is intended to help the archer concentrate on minimizing left/right movement.

Bull's Eye Round - It consists of shooting 6 arrows, untimed at the bull's eye target. You will do this twice (2 ends).

Target description for the Bull's Eye Round: The target has a 4 inch solid circular (bull's eye) center. This is centered within a 8 1/2 inch outer circle "piece of standard paper". All arrows within or touching the inner circle score five points each. All arrows outside the center bull's eye but within or touching the outer circle score three points each. The Bull's Eye round is intended to help the archer focus on the center of a target. (View/Download To-scale Bullseye target)

Note: It is strongly suggested that a target backing that will prevent pass-throughs and bounce-offs should be used. However, should these occur, witnessed pass-throughs and bounce-offs that cannot be determined as to score are traditionally scored as 3 points, in the target and speed rounds. If a witness confirms that the shot hit somewhere on the scoring zone, both the wand and the bull should receive 3 points also.

Participating archers should provide the scoring marshal with the following info: SCA name, MKA, their SCA group, (and Kingdom, if outside the Midrealm), the type of bow (crossbow, longbow, recurve or other), the bow's draw weight, and whether or not any sight marks on limbs or crossbow rear sights were used. PLEASE NOTE THAT LAST COMMENT! Last year many entries were not listed as being sighted or non-sighted. The scoring breakdown this year is going to take into account whether a weapon used sights or not: IF NO INFORMATION IS GIVEN, IT WILL BE ASSUMED THE WEAPON IN QUESTION HAD SIGHTS!

The above information should be verified and submitted by the witnessing/scoring marshal. In addition to the total score, the scores on each of the eight segments (2 bulls, 2 wands, etc.) should be given. The timed round score must also show the number of arrows/bolts shot.

Send the above information to the marshal in charge: Bruce R. Gordon (Forester Nigel FitzMaurice), 866 Beardsley, Apt. 1, Akron, Ohio 44311; and if you like...a copy to for quick posting on the results page.