Push for Pennsic 2013
South Oaken War Practice

South Oaken Rapier War Practice

South Oaken Archery Championship

Indian Hills 4-H Camp, 8212 W Lauver Rd, Pleasant Hill OH 45359
May 31 - June 2, 2013

General Information
Overall Schedule
Heavy List
A&S Activities
Artisan's Row
Youth Activities
Archery & Thrown Weapons

updated 29 May 2013

General Information

Site Fee:

  • Adult: $12
  • Child 6-17: $7
  • Under 6: Free
  • Family Cap: $38 (does not include surcharge)
  • There is a $5 surcharge for adult non-members.

Site opens at 5 pm Friday. Check-out at 11 am Sunday.

Camping: Free! Cabins are available.

Camping Update! Camping is Free! Cabins are available. Three Cabins may be reserved. Each of these cabins will cost $30 also on a first come basis. Contact Troll to reserve a cabin (email here). The only reservation is a paid reservation. All other cabins are free and will be on a first come first served basis. Troll will have a map to identify the cabins and a list of what cabins are available.

Activities: Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Artisan's Row, A&S Classes, Children's activities, Merchants, Lunch Tavern, iScandali, Dancing!

Schedule Update! View the complete schedule at http://www.havenholde.net/push2013_schedule.html


Lunch Tavern & Feast Update! There will be a Lunch Tavern. But there will be no feast. Numerous eateries are in Troy about 15 minutes from the site. Maps to these sites will be available at Troll.

Again, there will be a Lunch Tavern available on site. Feast has been cancelled.


Get directions to the Site


Contact the Merchant Liaison, Lady Brigita Gescheid, for information on merchant space.

Heavy List and Rapier

The Southern Oaken Regional War Practice will be taking place at Push for Pennsic.

The Southern Oaken Rapier Regional War Practice will be taking place at Push for Pennsic.


For questions or more information, contact the Marshal in Charge, Lord Gilchrist MacPherson, or the Rapier Marshal in Charge, Lord Marcos de Ribera.

A&S Classes

Knotwork Tutorial (1pm, Lodge main hall)
Lord Rolin Thurmundsson Halfdwarf
Description: This tutorial covers basic interlacing techniques, simple border and panel construction, analysis of existing patterns, interlaced corners, more advanced patterns (such as "doubled" knots), and provides links to other, advanced sources for your further research. Fees for supplies/handouts: None. Materials will be available on-line, and I will make a few copies.

Women's Open Hoods of the 14th and 15th Centuries (11am, Lodge main hall)
THL Edyth Miller
Description: This class is perfect for any woman interested in portraying 14th or 15th century Northern European personas, and will look at when, where and how these hoods were used. Patterning and construction tips will be included in the class.

Introductory and Intermediate SCA Dance (2:30pm, Lodge main hall)
Lady Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Description: Popular SCA dances will be taught such as English Country, Pavanes, Bransles and other types of dances from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

More class listings forthcoming. If you are interested in teaching a class, contact Master Galen of Ockham

Artisan's Row

There will be an Artisan's Row at Push, where you can see the arts and sciences in action! If you are interested in participating, contact Master Galen of Ockham.

Youth Activities

Youth Point will be run by Lady Katherine von Aachen

Youth Combat will be run by Lord Gebhard von Lonzengia

Archery & Thrown Weapons

The Southern Oaken Archery Championship will be taking place at Push for Pennsic.

For details on archery, contact Lady Bertrande Fresneau

For thrown weapons, call Master James Cunningham

Event Contacts

Event Steward: Lord Ragnar of Birka (mka Eric Ottoson)
937-925-0645 Email Ragnar

Co-Autocrat: Lord Orn Askelson (mka Michael Klefas)
937-286-8918 Email Orn

Troll: Lady Kristiana MacIntoshe (mka Kris Mehring)
Email Kristiana

Marshal-in-Charge: Lord Gilchrist MacPherson (mka Doyle McPherson)
Email Gilchrist

Rapier Marshal: Lord Marcos de Ribera (mka Patrick Theobald)
Email Marcos

Youth Marshal: Lord Gebhard von Lonzengia (mka Dwain Crackel)
Email Gebhard

Archery Marshal: Lady Bertrande Fresneau (mka Kristen Allen-Vogel)
937-901-8119 Email Bertrande

Thrown Weapons Marshal:Master James Cunningham (mka James Pratt)

Chirurgeon in Charge:Baroness Cathryn of Chester (mka Anne Berdanier)
Box 21 ESS Coordinator: Baroness Cathryn of Chester
937-848-5927 (no calls after 9pm, please) Email Cathryn

Youth Point:Lady Katherine von Aachen (mka Susan Mason)
937-653-4960 Email Katherine

A&S and Artisans Row Coordinator: Master Galen of Ockham (mka Keith Brandt)
Email Galen

Royalty Liaison: Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage (mka Laura Hume)
Email Rosamund

Merchant Liaison: Lady Brigita Gescheid (mka Andrea Moore)
937-532-9153 Email Brigita