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"Continual Improvement Is Better Than Delayed Perfection"

You may have noticed by now that the 35-Foot Spear site has had a complete makeover.  The entire site has been transferred over to a much more modern software program which has many features to help make keeping the site up to date easier and quicker. 

When the 35-Foot Spear site was first started it was because there was no point of contact for a person interested in combat archery to go to.  There was even a time when the Kingdom Marshal’s page “lost” all information pertaining to combat archery. 

Combat Archery in the Middle Kingdom, along with this site, has seen many changes.  This is the latest and greatest. 

This site continues to be a work in progress, hence the new motto. The site is now up and running. If you see any contradicting statements or mistakes, or find any typos or misspellings, please contact me and I will make corrections.  This is your site as well as mine.  It can only be as good as all of us working together. http://www.35footspear.com/

The biggest news is the new Combat Archery Marshal position.  This position has been needed for some time, and now it is here.  There is a new section called “Combat Archery Marshaling” with a link to the Marshal-In-Training Request Form.  

Click on the link. An online form will show up.  Just type in the information, fill in the code and hit submit.  The form will be sent to me.  I will review it and send out by U.S. Postal mail your Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal In Training Appointment.  This appointment form will have the different areas that need checking off before you can take your final test. 

You need to read the Combat Archery rules and review how to become a combat archery marshal and how you may apply.  You may be surprised at how things have changed.  If you have any particular questions, even after reading the rules, contact me.

Master Erik Erikson the Scout

DEM Combat Archery 

Middle Kingdom

Latest Updates

Combat Archery Marshal Training Class

Presently there are no training classes being held.  Keep checking back to see if any are added.   If you have any questions, contact me at ernieh@siscom.net or text 937 974 2634.


Midrealm color change for CA Ammunition 

April 11, 2017

There are three changes to the Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Ammunition Rules.  They go into effect immediately.

1.  Fiberglass Shaft Ammo- The wrap of red electrical tape around the point of the APD is NOT required

2.  Fiberglass Shaft Ammo- The electrical tape used to secure the Fathead Blunt (head) does NOT have to be red.  The tape color must contrast with the head and shaft (no black or white) and cannot be yellow (10% rule).  This applies to the wrap around the base of the blunt and the cross-over pieces.

3.  Tubular Ammo- The duct tape covering the head does NOT have to be red.  The tape color must contrast with the shaft (no black) and cannot be yellow (patterns must be less than 10 % yellow). 

                                               These rules go into effect on pages…12, 13, 15, 32, 34


Midrealm-specific Combat Archery Fiberglass Shaft Standards/Specifications  

July 6, 2016

People have been asking about the standards/specifications for the fiberglass shafts used in making combat archery ammunition in the Middle Kingdom.

The  fiberglass shafts that were used for the experimentation trials and were then accepted for use in the Middle Kingdom were from North Star Archery.  Therefore, the specs for those shafts are the standard.  

The manufacturer specifications (pdf) for the pultruded fiberglass are from North Star Archery.  Please refer to the “Solid Rod” column of the attached typical properties sheet.  The shafts are “polished” and “white”.


Midrealm-specific Combat Archery Inspection Quick Reference Guides  March 29, 2016

1. How To Inspect Combat Archery Bows & Crossbows (pdf)         

2. How To Inspect Combat Archery Fiberglass Ammunition (pdf)    Updated 4/13/2017

3. How To Inspect Combat Archery Tubular  Ammunition (pdf)     Updated 4/13/2017


Buffer Zone for Combat Archery    March 29, 2016

 Suggestions to determne the size of a buffer zone when combat archery is present.   (pdf)


"This website is owned and managed by Ernest Husted, Jr., and is not an official publication of the SCA, Inc.  Information presented here is, to my best knowledge, an accurate reflection of the current rules of the SCA, Inc and it's respective Kingdoms, but you should verify correctness within your individual Kingdom's Marshallate structure before attempting construction based on this information.  Information linked from this website is owned by it's respective copyright holder, and is presented for educational and informational purposes only"